Building homeownership, block by block.

List Your Property and We Do the Rest

The best way to invest with your properties valued at $80K or less

An investment structure specifically made for rental properties that allows you to maximize your return and minimize the headaches of management.



See what your monthly cash flow would be with Hurry Home:


How It Works


List - Contact us to get your property ready to market to our qualified buyers.

Match - Let us match your property to a family that wants to rent and eventually own it.

Contract - Sign our modified rent to own contract and the family moves in.

Earn - Buyer commits to taking care of the property locking in your return by producing predictable monthly cash flow.

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Why Choose Hurry Home?

Predictable Cash Flow

The buyer takes over homeownership expenses so there are no unexpected expenses, and your monthly cash flows are stabilized.

Locked in Return

The buyer pays for the price of the home and more with each monthly payment over the investment period.

Passive Return

Our procedures effectively support the buyer’s new homeownership responsibilities and reduce your own.


Customized Qualification

We use bank transaction data to qualify our buyers by analyzing their rental history and cash flow.

Streamlined Process

We make it easy to get your property to start earning with Hurry Home.


Hurry Home Returns vs. Property Managers

Assuming 2.6% annual rent increases, 5% vacancy, 1 month’s rent for marketing cost, 10% property management fee, turnover costs and yearly capex & repair allocation. Includes down payment of 5% of the houses appraised value. Assumes market price of home is 9.2% cap rate less the cost of deferred maintenance and replacement of depreciated assets.

Owner Relations