Building homeownership, block by block.

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At the core of Hurry Home is our effort to try to solve a big problem - many Americans have been shut out of the mainstream paths to homeownership, missing out on the key way families build wealth.  One part of this problem comes from some of the houses being too affordable.  There are desirable houses that cost less than $60,000 and there are people who want them, but banks are unable to profitably originate mortgages for properties in this range.  The prospective homeowners are left to either continue renting, earning no equity, or find seller-financing, a field with its own big problems. Hurry Home offers a different way.

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Local start-up to address fair and affordable housing in South Bend

One local start-up is looking to restore equity in neighborhoods where big banks aren’t looking to invest.

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Remember the names: Techstars Chicago announces 2018 class

Representing South Bend, Hurry Home is a startup that aims to turn renters into homeowners through shared ownership.

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Startup Generator That Helps Social Entrepreneurs Pinpoint An Idea Completes Its First Class

What's the process? "We start by working backwards,” says INVANTI co-founder Maria Gibbs.

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South Bend Startup Generator Completes First Cycle

Hurry Home plans to create an alternative form of financing for prospective homeowners, through “fractional ownership” from a group of investors.

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Hurry Home Wins Awards for Social Impact and Minority-Ownership

One month out of INVANTI, the South Bend-based startup is building momentum towards a pilot.

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Homeownership is the primary way in America to build wealth.

Hurry Home works with community partners to offer a new service for your beneficiaries, allowing them to access this wealth-building opportunity.