Building homeownership, block by block.

Start Earning Ownership in Your Home


Do you want to own your own home? Are you tired of your rent vanishing with nothing to show for it? We know the path to homeownership can be hard, but with Hurry Home you can start earning ownership in the house you’re living in so that it truly is home!

Hurry Home helps you earn homeownership with every monthly payment you make to your landlord. You take over the maintenance (with our help and a Maintenance/Repair Credit), and are committed to staying until you own the house (10 years) - as a result your landlord’s expenses go down. We turn those savings into your ownership.

And the best is, There are no balloon payments or requirements that you get a mortgage - with us, if you make your monthly payments you’ll own your home free and clear at the end of 10 years.

Ready to get started on the path to homeownership? First we need to get your landlord onboard. Here’s how we can work to convince your landlord in 4 simple steps:

(If you don’t like the house you are currently renting, you can just complete Step 1, and we’ll still get in touch about how to find a different house that meets your needs.)

Step 1: Get Started with Hurry Home

First off, we think it’s important to make sure Hurry Home is right for you at this time. You can kick that off by completing our “Getting Started” form - it’s just a few quick questions on your background and rental history. After that, we’ll give you a call to answer any questions you might have about Hurry Home or how it all works.

Step 2: Get in Touch with Your Landlord

Next up is reaching out to your landlord. Contact them however you typically would, whether that’s by texting, emailing, or calling, to set up a conversation over the phone or in person - the discussion should only take 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 3: Explain the Offer and Its Value

There are a few key points that would be helpful to mention to your landlord about why this program could work for them. Here are the basics:

  • Higher Return 

    • You landlord saves money since you handle the maintenance and plan to stay until you own the house. Since they aren’t having to spend that money, they’ll end up making more money faster while we turn their savings into your ownership.

  • Less Stress

    • Since you will be handling the maintenance (with our help), your landlord can sit back and watch their payment hit their bank account

  • Definite Exit

    • This is an opportunity for your landlord to secure a resident who will eventually purchase their investment property at a guaranteed value

  • Better for You

    • Your landlord would be giving you a chance to be a homeowner, something that benefits you and your neighborhood

Step 4: Connect Your Landlord with Hurry Home

After you have shared with your landlord some of the reasons they should consider helping you earn ownership, you can connect them with us so we can answer any questions they might have, including how to get started. You can share our website, or they can reach us by emailing

If after all of that your landlord is still not interested in using Hurry Home and helping you buy your house, that’s all right, we’ll let you know about other home opportunities as they come up. We are excited to work with you however we can!