Simple and impactful real estate investing

Invest in single family homes starting at $30k, and earn monthly cash flow along with a handsome 10 year return


 A smart 10-year investment for supplementing your income


We help you invest in a single family home valued at $80k or less, and we will match your property with a qualified tenant who wants to live in and earn ownership of the property over 10 years


Hurry Home handles collections, you receive monthly direct deposits, and the tenant handles all maintenance. If they decide to move, we will find you a new tenant at no additional cost


At the end of 10 years, you get the final lump sum amount (20% of the property value) when the property title is transferred to the tenant, bringing your IRR to x%


Your Investment builds homeownership in the Midwest

You are helping your tenant and the eventual owner of the single family home to become a first-time homeowner, strengthening communities in cities like South Bend and Fort Wayne.

Hurry Home qualifies buyers after analyzing multiple factors including income, rental and utility bill history. We take part of the risk by agreeing to find a new tenant at no additional cost in the event of the buyer deciding to move.

Diversify your portfolio and get comparable returns


Vanguard 500 index fund 10-year returns: 14.54%


IRR from renting through property manager (10-year): 10.1%


Typical real estate investment annual returns: 8.7-13%


IRR from Hurry Home (10-year): 14-17.1%



What’s the process?

  1. Get in touch with us
    We’ll share more about what the opportunity looks like and discuss whether it might be right for you.

  2. Capitalize your account
    Deposit the amount you want to invest. We’ll help you with any paperwork.

  3. We deploy the capital
    We’ll purchase a house our qualified buyers are interested in, handling the closing process, home inspection, and title search. We’ll make sure your expected return is in the range approved earlier.

  4. You get paid
    Receive your monthly payments from Hurry Home and your tenant will be earning equity from day 1.



Ready to earn supplemental income?