Building homeownership, block by block.



Sell the Work, Keep the Cash Flow

Fort Wayne Real Estate Investment Made Easy

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LIST - Quickly check if your property is eligible and how to prepare it to be marketed to our qualified buyers

By making sure the house is ready, we save time and money for you later on and give our buyer the best opportunity to succeed


MATCH - We’ll match your property to a family that that wants to rent and eventually own your property

Our qualification platform uses standards related to conventional mortgage metrics but updated with research-based practices to make sure you have the right tenant




CONTRACT - We take care of the legal work to contract with your buyer and then make it easy for you to electronically access all relevant documentation

Our proprietary legal structure protects your interests in the property, gives the buyer a fair path to ownership, and complies with relevant laws and regulations


EARN - Your return is locked in and you can count on a predictable monthly cash flow without responsibility for maintenance or repair

The buyer handles the upkeep of the house with our help. We’ll handle the insurance, property taxes, and other details of the house to make it a passive investment for you