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How do I know if I qualify?

We review your application and supporting documents to check if they meet our qualification standards:

  1. No evictions, foreclosures, liens, bankruptcies, or open judgments for the last 5 years

  2. Money for a down payment (10% of the house price) or qualification for an assistance program

  3. 2 years of good rental history

  4. 2 years of employment or regular income

If you are not sure if you qualify, apply and we will inform you if you do, or let you know why you do not.

What if I have bad credit?

While we run a credit and background check after you apply, we are primarily checking for evictions, foreclosures, bankruptcies, judgments and liens; we do not focus on your credit score. Instead, we pay more attention to your rental and income history.

How do I know how much house I can afford?

We consider your monthly budget and limit your monthly payment to 30% of your gross monthly income to ensure affordability.

How long is my qualification valid for?

Your qualification is valid for 3 months.