How to Start Owning Your Rental


Hurry Home helps renters become homeowners. We can even sometimes help you buy the house you are already renting.  But first your landlord needs to join the Hurry Home program - so how do you let them know this is an option?

We understand, this can be a new type of conversation to have.  So we prepared a few talking points you can use with your landlord to see if they would be willing to help you start owning.  Feel free to use whichever works for you and/or to reach out to us to talk this over first. Once you connect them with us, we’ll do the rest!

Why should your landlord contact Hurry Home?

  1. So they can take the stress out of being a landlord

    1. Being a landlord can be hard, expensive work, managing the maintenance and repair of multiple properties.  With Hurry Home, landlords no longer have those responsibilities, and real estate truly becomes a passive investment

  2. With us, they can boost their investment returns

    1. Turnover and vacancy costs can eat into the money earned by rental properties.  With Hurry Home, those costs are significantly reduced

  3. We make the legal work of rentals easy

    1. Leases are no longer a problem.  Hurry Home offers standardized contracts that protects the landlord’s and the tenant’s interests along with document management making legal compliance easy

  4. Take the volatility out of real estate

    1. Instead of the ups and downs of normal rentals where landlords have to sell their property on an uncertain market after a decade, they can have a guaranteed purchase price and start earning it throughout that period with fixed, reliable monthly payments

If your landlord is interested in learning more about Hurry Home, they can send us an email at, and we’ll speak to them about helping you become a homeowner!

If you want to learn more about what this can mean for you, the tenant/buyer, please feel free to explore our website and Contact Us if you have any questions!

John Gibbons